The Pareto Principle: 20% Of Men Have Sex With 80% Of Women

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When talking about the Pareto Principle, there are always common errors when understanding it. First misconception is presuming that it is the actual consolidation of Hypergamy, whereas it is all about the desire and expectation of women to men. The second misconception is that in this principle 20% of men actually get 80% women. This is not about who’s fucking who, rather it is who have more access to women who are more sexually available based on their subjective sexual market value (SMV).


Pareto Principle is named after an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto who observed in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. The same principle is carried in as a rule of thumb of business where 80% of the income comes from 20% of the customers. Therefore, Pareto Principle is an observation not a law of nature.


But why it is also applied as a rule of thumb of sexual marketplace nowadays? Before premarital sex became a norm, monogamous marriage system is the usual scenario. Men marry women they think is perfect for them, while unmarried men already knew why they can’t find their match – it is because they are not as attractive as those who are already married.


But today, monogamous marriage system is slowly getting to as the thing of the past. Many people are getting engage to premarital sex because of birth controls. Women are more openly available for casual sex while they are waiting for the right one. Men for instance generally prefer more sex than having commitment. This notion has been the reason why there are men who can’t commit but would like to have sex with different women.


Women have their own standard of desirable men. One example is a woman’s desire to have sex with an attractive man who has been with many women but still doesn’t want to settle. This has become men’s weapon on how to stay into the dating pool. What happens to the below 20% of men’s population? They have to raise their standards as well. And what happens to the remaining 20% of the women? Rather than having casual hookups, they invest their time, energy and effort for themselves.


According to ABC News Poll year 2004, women had been reported having an average of six partners in their lifetime. While men had been reported to have a very large number of partners. But there were studies that show, using the Pareto Principle, that the claim that most women have casual sex with impunity through their 20s seek inexperienced male to settle down with is invalid. Rather, data show that promiscuous men are equal to promiscuous women.


There are men and women who do not want to settle yet until they feel it. There are also data that do not support the concept of female hypergamy, which is the desire of female to partner with an equal or higher status male that’s why the Pareto Principle is invalid.


We can therefore say that there are two groups in the sexual marketplace: a promiscuous minority of men and women and the majority of men and women who are having small number of sex during their lifetime.

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