How To Get My Girlfriend To Try Anal Sex?


Anal sex remains one of the most exciting, yet very demanding sexual acts. Those who love it, really love it and those who don’t, really don’t. But you’ll never know what category you fall into unless you try it for yourself.

Many guys want to try anal sex with their partner. But if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to anal sex and you’re inexperienced, there are a lot of things that can happen. It can be incredibly painful and traumatic than pleasurable to a woman if done wrong.

So to ensure that you’re both having a good anal sex experience, do research more, read books and grab tips from real experts. Furthermore, to get your girlfriend to try anal sex, follow these tips;

Know The Reason Why

The first thing you want to look at is, why does she not want to try it? There’s probably a couple of answers for this. Odds are, if you’re both trying to figure this out, you watch porn and in porn, anal sex happens really quickly. But it’s not work that way. It does not, in any way, exist to teach you about sex and does not mimic what sex have actually like.

The second reason is because she’s scared that it’s going to hurt. The third reason that she doesn’t want to do it is because to her, it’s going to be gross. Those are all perfectly legitimate reasons for her to not want to have anal sex. However, anal sex can be really amazing for women if the guys are doing it right. So before you go putting anything in there, figure out how to pleasure your girlfriend. Figure out how to give her pleasure in, outside of and around her anus that will allow her to relax and get more comfortable with the concept.

Listen To Her

You have to set up a lot of trust by listening to her and her boundaries. Anything she tells you not to do beforehand, don’t do it. If you want to try something that you haven’t talked about, ask her first. If she stiffens up or tenses up, ask her constantly if she’s okay. Be patient and give her enough time to explore it herself.

Start Small

After she spent some time there herself, she’s able to relax enough and you just gently explore the area on the outside, the next step might be is to have the anus be stretched out slowly prior to directly putting your penis there. Start by applying a lot of lube and inserting a very small object like a sex toy or by using your fingers. If her reaction is good and you think she is enjoying what you’re doing, it’s time to try anal penetration with your penis.

Do It Slowly

Stay there and don’t move for a while and let her body really slowly stretch to accommodate you. During the entire time, ask her how she’s feeling and wait until she tells you if it’s okay to continue. Once she feels that her body is well adjusted and accommodating you, then it can be a good time to slip forward just a little bit more. Once she gets over this part, you might be able to have rough and quick anal sex. But that normally happens and you have to be really patient about it.

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