Dating a Trans Person in Macau

Macau is one of the few Chinese cities that is accepting (to an extent) of the trans community. It is easier to meet and date a trans person than in other parts of the world. Trans dating in Macau can be challenging, but the tips in this article will make it easier for you.

Most people who go on to date a trans person in Macau meet them online first. A lot of messages are exchanged and maybe some phone calls. Foreigners in China who want to date trans locals are worried about giving their desires free rein in a country with relatively restrictive policies. These people are suspicious of foreigners who contact them. As a result, getting to know someone takes time and effort. Both parties need to feel safe in order to actually meet in person and share some experiences together.

Where to Go on Dates?

Once you do meet someone and hit it off, there is no shortage of places to go on dates. You can go to malls, bars, clubs, or casinos. It is preferable to go in the evening. The clubs around Hotel Lisboa are popular with the trans community. Macau has a vibrant nightlife and there are trans people in lots of clubs and discos.

Your first date should be in a safe, private space, like a hotel room or your home. If you’d like to visit them in their home, definitely ask first. It’s not likely to happen, particularly if they live with family members. Eastern cultures are much more reserved than Western cultures and for a Chinese person, it is unacceptable to just invite anyone to visit them in their home. If the person is trans, they’ll be even less likely to consent, especially if they’re not sure who you really are.

Some Western men who have gone on dates with trans women in Macau share that “people were watching” them, but nothing more. Nobody has complained of being harassed or harmed. At any rate, you’d definitely get more attention than in countries like Thailand.

Meeting a Trans Single

There are places you can go in Macau, where you will meet trans singles. You’ll probably need a local to guide you and take care to ensure that this guide doesn’t have ulterior motives of any kind. That said, you could even meet a trans single on the street. It’ll get less challenging once you know where to find them. You can meet trans singles of all ages and ethnicities in Macau.

One final tip – you might be told you can meet trans people in drug houses, but we don’t recommend going to any because they are illegal.

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